Physical Education

Curriculum Plans: Please click here for the curriculum plans for PE.       

The aim of our PE curriculum is to provide all students at Trumpington Community College with high quality PE and school sport. It is our vision for every student to take the opportunity to succeed and achieve their potential, as well as to lead physically active lifestyles. We seek to inspire our students through PE lessons which are accessible, meaningful, and enjoyable to all. We want our students to appreciate the benefits of a healthy and physically active lifestyle. Through our PE teaching, we will provide opportunities for students to develop values and transferable life skills such as; leadership, teamwork, fairness and respect as well as providing them with opportunities to take part in after-school clubs and competitive sporting fixtures thanks to our comprehensive enrichment programme.  

Core curriculum principles in the PE curriculum 

Entitlement: The curriculum allows pupils to develop the confidence to excel in a broad range of physical activities, through PE, school sport and physical activity, which will be accessible and equitable for all pupils. It will actively seek to overcome any barriers to participation which young people may face because of their race, gender identity or any aspect of SEND.  

Coherence: In addition to the National Curriculum, our curriculum seeks to build aspects of pupils’ character including resilience and empathy, as well as skills in leadership, decision-making and problem solving.  

Mastery: Through the curriculum pupils become physically skilful young people with the knowledge and understanding in the areas of performance, leadership, and health, to succeed at Key Stage 3 and transition to Key Stage 4 study. These skills will develop year on year and will transfer into their academic life and endure into adulthood.  

Adaptability: The curriculum also enables pupils to be independently active outside of school through digital resources, virtual challenges and competitions, weekly physical activity timetables and links to other online providers.  

Representation: The aim is for the provision in schools to be as inclusive as possible. This includes ensuring there is diverse representation throughout.  

Education with character: The curriculum seeks to develop aspects of character, such as resilience, the spirit of fair play, empathy, and the confidence to perform under pressure. A pupil’s experience of physical education in school should increase their self-confidence and their ability to trust in others. 

Key Stage 3 

The  curriculum focuses on the three key strands of health (Fit for Life), performance (Fit to Perform) and leadership (Fit to Lead). Within this we give students as much exposure to a wide range of activities with some elements of choice. Students study; rugby, badminton, health and fitness, orienteering, basketball, netball, table tennis, football, athletics, rounders, cricket, and handball. In KS3 students learn the key fundamentals through as many different activities before embarking on further study at Key Stage 4. Students are given opportunities to develop their leadership skills in lessons and are encouraged to work towards their Bronze Leadership award in Years 7 and 8, Silver award in Years 9 and 10, and Gold in Year 11. Students who demonstrate exceptional leadership in KS3 are invited to join our Sports Ambassador programme. 

Key Stage 4 – Core PE 

Every student participates in weekly physical activity and promotes their own well-being. The three main themes: performance (Fit to Perform), leadership (Fit to Lead) and health & well-being (Fit for Life) continue throughout Key Stage 4. Students will have the opportunity to improve on skills acquired in Key Stage 3 and to develop new skills across a wide range of team and individual sports. Students have the chance to take part in team activities like basketball, netball, handball, volleyball, rugby, and football. There are also opportunities to pursue individual activities such as table tennis, tennis, badminton, circuit training, weight training, body pump, yoga and fitness training. 

Students will have access to the fitness suite where they will learn how to train independently to achieve personal fitness goals. There is a strong focus on leadership in core PE and students will take on roles such as referee, umpire, tournament official, warm-up coach and equipment manager. There are opportunities throughout the year for students to use their leadership skills to run sports events for students in Key Stage 3 and our local primary schools. Students demonstrating exceptional leadership in KS4 will be awarded the role as Senior Sports Ambassadors, playing a key part in the development of PE and School Sport at Trumpington.  

KS4 Sport Studies - Examined Course 

At Key Stage 4 students can select to study the Cambridge National in Sport Studies. This course is very popular due to its practical nature. In Year 10 students are assessed in their ability to perform in a range of sports. Students then analyse their own performance and design training sessions to make personal improvements. Students learn how to plan and lead coaching sessions effectively and have the opportunity to coach students in years 7 & 8. They also plan and lead sports events at our local primary schools. In the summer term students take part in Outdoor and Adventurous activities and can take part in a 5-day residential Surf & Adventure Camp in North Devon. In Year 11 students study contemporary issues in sport in preparation for their written exam. Students debate over issues such as the use of VAR and Hawk Eye technology and the role that the Olympics plays in promoting values.  

The course is 60% coursework and 40% written exam. 

Extra-Curricular Opportunities 

PE Enrichment Overview 2023-24.docx 

There are a wide range of after-school clubs available to all students. These are run by the PE team and a range of qualified coaches. Our commitment to extra-curricular sport also involves fixtures and tournaments across the United Learning cluster (Trumpington, Coleridge and Parkside) and within the Cambridgeshire district. We have excellent links with Trumpington Football Club, Cambridge Rugby Club and Cambridge Sword Fencing Club. Who all offer fantastic coaching pathways into their community clubs. 

Please check out our  Clubs and Activities page  for details of the current timetable.  

Summer Term PE Clubs 2024

The PE department also run the following annual trips; Ski Trip to Italy, Surf & Adventure Camp to North Devon, and a day trip to Grafham Water. We run regular trips to watch live sport and have been lucky enough to watch Tennis at Wimbledon, Rugby at Twickenham, and England play at Wembley. We run local trips too, making the most of the sports facilities Cambridge has to offer. We’ve recently visited Clip n Climb and Kingsway Golf Course. Year 9 students can take part in the Bronze DofE Award and in Year 10 students can take part in the Silver DofE Award. Visit our Duke of Edinburgh's Award page for more details.  

Progression to University and careers.  

The KS4 Sport Studies course is designed for our students to embark on careers within the sports industry such as sports coach, PE teacher, sports journalism, professional athlete, nutritionist, or personal trainer. We want our students to have the opportunity to access a range of theory and practical and to experience the diverse opportunities within sport.