Starting at Trumpington

As a school we aim to bring out “the best in everyone”. We will focus on teaching you powerful knowledge so that when you leave school you can go onto whatever you want to do. We want to give you an education with character so that you develop both academically and personally, as well as providing you all with opportunities so that you can be leaders today and leaders of the future.

Our school is based on some key principles:

  • Respect - treat everyone as you would want to be treated
  • Enthusiasm - give your education 100% every lesson, every day
  • Ambition - set yourself the highest of aspirations
  • Confidence - know that whatever you are trying to achieve, you can do it through hard work and perseverance
  • Creativity - be open minded and look for different solutions to problems
  • Hard work - be resilient and always try your best
  • Determination - never give up

As a school we have high expectations of you in terms of conduct, work ethic, uniform and attendance. We know by doing this we will maximise your progress in school and best prepare you for adulthood.

Jess Pearce, Head of School

Starting School at Trumpington Community College - A Guide for Students and Families