We are a large school-wide team consisting of: our SENDCo, Dr Fiona Ross; our Assistant SENDCo, Ms Paula Smith; our Engagement and Inclusion teacher, Mr William Stokes; and a team of Teaching Assistants (TAs) who support access to education for our pupils. We have subject-specific TAs for English, EAL, Maths and Science as well as a number of TAs working across year groups and with individual pupils. 

Our team are based in the Hub, a neurodiverse and exciting space within the school. 

Trumpington Community College’s high quality teaching staff are primarily responsible for enabling your children to access the curriculum.  

If you have further concerns about your child, then please contact us as follows:  

Our SENDCo, Dr Fiona Ross, can be emailed at Fiona.Ross@TrumpingtonCC.org.uk or you can call her on 01223 551600 ext. 1605  

Our Assistant SENDCo, Ms Paula Smith, can be emailed at Paula.Smith-Briggs@TrumpingtonCC.org.uk . 

Our Engagement and Inclusion Teacher, Mr Will Stokes, can be emailed at William.Stokes@TrumpingtonCC.org.uk 

Coronavirus and isolation have hit the mental health of our young people. In Cambridge, Cambridge Mind and Centre 33 will be more than happy to offer young-person-friendly support.

If you think your SEN child may need additional support in the form of an Education, Health and Care Plan, then EHCP Journeys website is a great parent-friendly resource (although it is not Cambridge-specific).

Should you have SEN concerns about your child, and would like strong, impartial, parent-friendly advice, then the Send Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) team at Cambridge Local Authority can support you. They also provide informative videos about Special Educational Needs and statutory support on their website. SENDIASS are based at SENDIASS, Cambridgeshire County Council, SH1212, Shire Hall, Cambridge, CB3 0AP. You can email them at sendiass@cambridgeshire.gov.uk and they operate a confidential helpline, open during term times: 01223 699 214.