Our Uniform

Uniform is an important aspect of equal opportunities and ensures that our students feel part of a team. Uniform is also an important part of our Safeguarding responsibility and ensures that students in the local community can be easily identified. College uniform is compulsory and students who fail to wear the correct school dress will receive a consequence. Sports Kit is also compulsory for all students.

Uniform Supplier

Our uniform supplier is Sportswear International Ltd (SWI). Orders can be placed online at www.swischoolwear.co.uk, by phone on 01928 752610 (option 1) or enquiries sent to customerservice@swi.co.uk

View the SWI Parent Guide here

Uniform expectations 

Items marked with an asterisk * should be purchased from SWI, see below

●    *College blazer with logo (year 7 only)
●    *College jumper with logo (optional for year 7)
●    *College tie (worn with larger tip ready to touch the top of the trousers or skirt)
●    Long or short-sleeved, white shirt with top button done up
●    Plain, tailored black trousers OR plain, knee-length black skirt (straight or pleated)
●    Plain, black socks or tights
●    Plain, black polishable shoes 

If head scarves are worn for religious reasons, they should be a plain colour that fits with the college uniform.

Please be aware that students are not allowed to wear the following:  

  • Jeans, chinos, jogging bottoms/sports trousers, jeggings/leggings
  • Mini skirts
  • Shorts of any description
  • Trainers (students may wear trainers during break and lunch for sports activities but must change back into school shoes before commencement of lessons)
  • Hoodies

Please note that students can wear jackets to and from college, but they should be removed once inside the college building. Hoodies will not be acceptable as jackets.

Jewellery, hair, make-up

Students may have one stud earring, centrally in the lobe. No other jewellery should be worn apart from a wristwatch. 

Hair should be cut in a suitable style for working in a professional environment, with a natural colour and no lines.

Students should not wear any make-up, nail polish, false nails or false eyelashes in college. 

Sports Kit

Items marked with an asterisk * should be purchased from SWI, see below

•    *Blue polo shirt with logo
•    *Black track top with logo
•    *Black shorts with logo
•    *Black football socks
•    Plain, black track pants
•    White indoor trainers
•    Outdoor trainers or Astro boots (any colour except white)