Exam Guidance

For GCSE statements of entry will be released to candidates following February half term of the certificating year. Candidates must check their Name, Date of Birth, and Subjects are correct. This should then be signed and returned to the school. For tiered subjects, entries will be made based on previous data; should a candidate wish to change their tier, they should meet with the Head of Department. 

A general timetable will be distributed in the spring term, with individual candidate timetables distributed before the Easter holidays. 

On the day 

Candidates should arrive 45 minutes prior to the published examination start time and wait in the appropriate place, which will be advised prior to the exam series. 

Candidates will then be registered, and called into their designated examination rooms. Once they have entered their examination room, they must adhere to the JCQ guidance on written exams.

Candidates will be informed of the rules of the examination prior to each paper, and will be asked to check that the paper they are about to sit is correct. Should they have the wrong subject or tier paper in front of them, or if they do not have the provisions to support any access arrangements, they should alert an invigilator as soon as possible. 

Once they have finished the time allowed for the paper, they will be dismissed. Once they leave the examination room, they should remain quiet and move away from any designated examination areas. Candidates are also asked not to discuss the content of the examination on social media, please see social media advice

Illness or Adverse Circumstances 

In the case of illness on the day of the examination, please ring the school before 8am, and email tru-exams@trumpingtoncc.org.uk, with your child’s FULL NAME and SCHOOL NAME in the subject field.

In the case of any illness, injury, or any other event which may have a negative impact on the candidate, please email Exams Officer on tru-exams@trumpingtoncc.org.uk, including any supporting evidence. We will then let you know if we are able to apply for special consideration for the candidate. For more information about special consideration please read the guide to special consideration.

Any candidate with symptoms of COVID should not attend school or any examinations – a COVID test should be booked as a matter of urgency. Further information can be found here.

Results Day Information

Each candidate’s results will be printed and must be collected from school on results day. Specific information regarding this will be sent out at the end of the exam series. 

If the candidate is unable to collect their results, they may nominate someone to collect results on their behalf. This nominee must be made known to the Exams Officer via a signed letter from the candidate, at the least one month prior to results day. This includes cases in which a parent/guardian will be collecting on behalf of the candidate. Nominees must bring photographic ID so that school staff are able to identify them. 

Any results which are uncollected will be posted out the day after results day. We do not need confirmation that candidates wish to have their results posted home. 

Please Note: We are unable to send results via email or any other method. 

Post-Results Information

Once candidates have collected their results, they are able to discuss their grades more in-depth with subject teachers.

If candidates wish to gain access to their scripts, have a review of marking or any other post-results services, they must fill in the forms included in their results envelope and post it to the school's Exams Officer:

Examinations Office
Trumpington Community College
Lime Avenue

Certificate Information 

Certificates will not be available until November of the year exams are sat. Once these are received by the Exams Team, a letter will be sent to families regarding collection. 

Any certificates which are uncollected will be stored securely for 12 months from the date of issue, after which time they will be destroyed, to adhere to JCQ guidance on unclaimed certificates. 

If candidates wish to claim certificates more than 12 months after issue, they must contact the exam boards directly. For guidance on which exam boards to contact, please email tru-exams@trumpingtoncc.org.uk.