Clubs and Activities

We are really excited to offer a wide range of extracurricular clubs and activities.  We firmly believe that extracurricular activities play a pivotal role in a student's personal development and support their academic success. Clubs provide an avenue for students to explore their interests, develop valuable life skills, and forge meaningful friendships outside of the classroom. They also contribute to a well-rounded education that fosters personal growth and self-confidence.

We strongly encourage all students to sign up for at least one club.  Our extracurricular offering at Trumpington Community College aims to provide for a diverse range of interests. From sport to arts and cultural clubs, STEM-related activities, community service initiatives, and more, we are confident that your child will find an opportunity that will match with their interests and talents.  

In order to register your child, please log into the Arbor Parent Portal or Arbor App and click on the Clubs tab, where you will find a list of clubs available to them.  All clubs are free of charge to join and participate.  Full instructions on how to register for clubs on Arbor can be found by clicking here.

Download a copy of our current clubs timetable here

Please note that if a club needs to be cancelled, students should email home to let parents know the changes to their school day. We will try to send out a message home where possible.

The library is always open after school if students need to wait to be collected. If a sports club is cancelled students are welcome to attend an alternative sports club.

If your child is in school but can’t attend their club due to an appointment, they should let the teacher running the club know.