Ofsted Report

Following the Ofsted inspection in November 2023, Trumpington Community College is now a ‘Good’ school. Excitingly, two areas of the school were judged to be ‘Outstanding’ – Quality of Education, and Leadership and Management. 

"Pupils know that staff at the school have unashamedly high ambition for them. They appreciate the hard work teachers put into designing engaging and challenging lessons. Pupils respond by working hard. They produce high quality work and as a result learn well. They make exceptional progress and achieve excellent exam outcomes." You can find out about our results and performance here.

This is an important achievement for our school community and it’s an outcome that we are really proud of; and one that we look forward to building on in the months and years to come. It is particularly pleasing to see that inspectors note the strength of support the school receives from parents and staff. Parents are said to be “highly supportive” of Trumpington and staff “hugely proud” to work here. 

One parent comment, reflective of many, was: "The statistics show the school is clearly achieving exceptional academic things with all its students. But it is that it manages this in a joyful, safe and loving way that I find so deeply impressive. I love going there and so do my children." 


You can view our latest Ofsted report here and on the Ofsted website here.

Parents are welcome to give their views at any time either to the school directly (tru-enquiries@trumpingtoncc.org.uk), or by completing the Ofsted Parent View