Principal’s Welcome

As Principal of a United Learning school, I want to see the best in everyone and give students the opportunity to develop into outstanding young people who are well-equipped for the opportunities and challenges they will face during and after their education. The school will focus on maximising students' life chances and developing them both academically and personally by delivering powerful knowledge and providing an education with character.

I am unashamedly ambitious for our students and believe that the school’s first priority is to help them learn. I will place this ethos at the heart of every decision that I make, asking myself: will this improve students’ learning? I will have extremely high expectations of our students in terms of conduct, work ethic, uniform and attendance. I know that by doing this we will maximise their progress at school and best prepare them for adult life. I will be relentless in our pursuit of the small things that I believe have a big impact on school culture and environment and on students’ attitudes to learning. 

I believe that all students are capable of making outstanding progress and attaining at the highest level, whatever their starting point. I will not make, nor accept, any excuses for our students: I firmly believe that there are no barriers to achievement that cannot be overcome by a determined and resilient student with a supportive school team. As a school we aim to deliver excellence in every lesson, every day. I aim to develop outstanding relationships with parents and carers and I recognise the key role that you will play in supporting both the school and your child.

The bedrock of the school community is built upon excellent relationships between staff and students, and between students themselves. I want to see an atmosphere of positivity and mutual respect throughout the school. I believe that respect should always be given and that all members of the school community should act with humility and understanding at all times.

Matt Oughton